This collection is inspired by the early Renaissance where eros and its imagery found an aesthetic balance between the historical ideal and natural tension. In 1400 everything was allowed as long as it remained in the aesthetic canons of ancient Greece and therefore was inspired by the beauty of Nature. The erotic imagery is a faculty of human creativity but requires exercise and social relationship to overcome the simple pursuit of pleasure. Erotic representation has today lost its aesthetic, ideal and transgressive boundaries passing from the natural beauty of the Classical model to that of the hedonistic self-satisfaction of postmodern society (such as the selfie or virtual sex), where eros is no longer a function of an interpersonal relationship but it is the result of an Ego packaged by new and particular lifestyles conceived as consumer products. Although our society has today reached the maximum amount of erotic representation through any virtual form, it has lost, in this storm of images, the aesthetic theme of eros which normally places human life in balance with its conclusion as part of the mysterious natural process.

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