life of things

the life of things

In Museum Francesco Messina’s rooms, an exhibition organized by the Milan Municipality, City culture Department – Studio Museum Francesco Messina, required by the director Maria Fratelli, and inserted in the cycle of appointments called ” The Side of Culture”  devoted to the relationship between sculpture, 2-dimensional image which stands for, invoke or respond to it through photography or painting.

18 works made by Gianluca Balocco, produced with a precise photographic concept in the historical rooms of Palazzo Reale to portray three famous international  dancers, are the result of a work in which the three women come to light for their strength, their experience and force in their thin winding body that looks like a reed, shaped over the years. This is a conceptual work in which the garment worn is considered as an element between the reality and abstract dimension and assumes a role and a different weight for each dancer.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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