naked plants

naked plants

Naked Plants is a research lasted two years on suspending live plants in places where they usually would not even recognized or view. The vegetable world is not a simple collection of plants, but a connective tissue on which gave rise to our life. The vegetable cosmos is a larger body of which we are a small part. Until will not be exceeded the prejudice and the human blindness, plants which together form the majority of our planet, will simply be invisible and only mildly helpful.

The plants are the symbol of life from ancient times, the expression of meditation and the sense of time and evolution of this planet and then their intelligence. Biodiversity is the key element of this new ”intelligence” that will have to invade not only the contemporary society, but politics, art, social relations and the way we see the world. The origin of this vision is in the vegetable world strength that appears through its own senses, the relation with the Earth, the nourishment and the correlation with the air because the plants are intelligent living beings related to our life and operate as colonies of individuals like we do as individuals within social groups and networks that are real or virtual. Therefore to give a shape to biodiversity would be like comparing the form of the intelligent plant from one side and creativity- art from another one.

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