The Skin: complicated organ, essential, sensitive, which has a memory, constitutes the line between the outside and the inside of our body and it’s so important when establishing a relationship between two human beings and in the knowledge of the art. Four blind women grab the classical statues of the Isabella D’este collection in Mantova.

The main point of this project is to investigate the relationship between the tactile sense of perception developed by blind women through their hands and their body and the game of vision that express doubt about the meaning of the images (tactility or sensuality?). The blind women have sensed the shape and the beauty of ancient statues through their own tactile perceptual ability pointing out the difference in the way of perceiving and enjoying the artwork. This work turned out to be unexpectedly a work on the female eroticism and on the psychological depth of touching. The Palazzo Ducale (Mantova) was invased by dry leaves of chestnut tree and by chestnut burr on which the blind women have walked without hurting themselves. The dry leaves stand for the affinity of the blind women and plants’ way to feel and that precisely in this dimension develop in an extraordinary way the sense of touch.

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